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Fall is on its way...!

In our Features This month in our Special Cover Feature we take a look at video and television in our"2005 Digital Video and Television Special" with articles of interest on Camcorders: Mini DV-C v. Mini DVD , High Definition DVD, and Future Media and Mediums. For all you witches and goblins out there we also take a look at halloween.

Our other feature pieces include articles on hair, skin and fitness.

Our other "Non-Fiction" includes a look at travel insurance and memory loss . And in fiction we have a story about a special bar-b-cue, of all things.

In our Issues department there it is aske why should we rush the Iraqi constitution and another "rant" on the issue of the Iraqi political situationin our article titled "Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway?" by our friend and long time contrbiutor R. Madding.

There is also a great piece on the ozone and another hot topic: Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts in Roberts on Rights. A very good read!

In our Lifestyles we look at the Glycemic Impact Diet and another article on the Protestant conflicts. Talk about conflict, we have more on the Wiccan faith with Altar Tools. Read it, you might learn something!

As a taste treat in "foods" we offer you Halloween Recipes just in time for that fun holiday.

In Technology we look at three low cost DVD camrecorders, two from Sony and one from Pnasonice, all priced under $700. what a deal! Hi-tech Aiptek Pocket DV5900 is "reviewed" and compared with other recorders.

And in our internet section an article on the pesky runtime error 226 is explained and what may be causing it. Our expert gives you tips on how to "fix" it!

Our movie reviews can be found in the Entertainment section as well as our artist pages and what is new on TV, which includes NBC, CBS, and some new comedy shows A must read to catch up on the latest boob tube fiestas!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out on the Back Page, which is also found in the Lifestyle section. So check back with us and read up on the Issues!

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